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Term Three for Fairy Poppilna's Story School resumes on Tuesday 17th July.

$10 per class per child.

Bookings essential.





Authors Up The Cross - Only The Animals

Ceridwen Dovey in conversation with Geordie Williamson

Wednesday 10 September 6.30pm, Kings Cross Library, 1/50-52 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross

FREE EVENT but bookings essential.  Book via Eventbrite or call 9246 4530.

Join Geordie Williamson, chief literary critic of The Australian, when he talks to Ceridwen Dovey about her new book Only The Animals.

Ceridwen Dovey is a former anthropologist and the author of a novel, Blood Kin.  Her new collection of stories gives us an animal's eye view of humans at their brutal, violent worst and their creative, imaginative best.  Each story is told through the soul of an animal caught up in a human conflict and whose existence is entwined with a famous writer.

This promises to be a compelling exploration of the power of fiction with one of Australia's leading critics and an exciting new voice in Australian Fiction.



Richard Unsworth - Garden Life

Thursday 25 September 6.30pm, Potts Point Bookshop

Bookings Essential.  Book via Eventbrite or call 9331 6642.

Richard Unsworth is a renowned garden designer and the owner of the iconic outdoor store, Garden Life.

In his book, Garden Life, Richard shares with us his love and enthusiasm for outdoor spaces, stories from his travels exploring gardens in India, Sri Lanka and Turkey and a showcase of his work all across Australia - from the intimate to the grand.

Richard will be sharing his expertise and offering practical advice when he joins us instore.


Authors Up The Cross - Louis Nowra and Kings Cross

Louis Nowra in Conversation with Linda Jaivin

Tuesday 7 October 6.30pm, Kings Cross Library, 1/50-52 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross

FREE EVENT but bookings essential.  Book via Eventbrite or call 9246 4530.

Join author, playwright, screenwriter and local legend Louis Nowra when he talks to fellow author, Linda Jaivin about his beloved neighbourhood and bestselling book Kings Cross: A Biography.

In parts flaneur, historian and eyewitness, Louis Nowra is the best possible guide to a place that is both real and a state of mind.  Be enthralled by the extraordinary stories of The Cross as Linda and Louis burrow beneath the sensationalist Underbelly "sex and sin" narrative, revealing stories and a cast of characters that not even a writer could conjure up.



Annabel Crabb & The Wife Drought

Wednesday 15 October 6.30pm, Institute of Architects, 3 Manning Street, Potts Point

$15 per person.  Bookings essential.  Book via Eventbrite or call 9331 6642

Join us when Australia's favourite journalist talks about why women need wives and men need lives.

"I need a wife".  It's a common joke amongst women juggling work and family, but it's a joke that's wearing thin.  But then, why is the work and family debate always about women?  Why don't men get the same flexibility that women do?  

The Wife Drought is a call for a ceasefire in the gender wars and a thoughtful, engaging catalyst for a conversation that's long overdue.

Don't miss Annabel talking about these issues and her intriguing research about the attitudes that pulse beneath the surface of egalitarian Australia.



Authors Up The Cross - The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC

Jesse Fink in conversation with Jane Gazzo

Tuesday 18 November 6:30pm, Kings Cross Library, 1/50-52 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross

FREE EVENT but bookings essential.  Book via Eventbrite or call 9246 4530

It's going to be a high voltage evening in Kings Cross when music broadcaster, Jane Gazzo talks to Jesse Fink about his most recent book, The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC.

Find out more about he band built by three brothers, George, Malcolm and Angus Young - and about the people who prospered and those who got left by the wayside in the band's rise to the top.'

Jesse Fink spoke to a number of musicians and important figures when writing this book and he will be sharing their stories about AC/DC's special brand of music magic with us.