Join Andy and Terry in their spectacular new 78-storey treehouse. They've added 13 new levels including a drive-thru car wash, a combining machine, a scribbletorium, an ALL-BALL sports stadium, Andyland, Terrytown, a high-security potato chip storage facility and an open-air movie theatre. Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up!

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The 78-Storey Treehouse (PB)
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The 5th book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series by Chris Colfer

Author's Odyssey (Land of Stories #5 HB)
$25.00 (AUD) inc GST
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After successfully thwarting a dastardly plan to steal rare marine animals from the sea around the Scottish island of Mull, Ben and Fee MacTavish feel they can relax and continue learning all about nauti... read more

The Sands of Shark Island (School Ship Tobermory #2)
$23.00 (AUD) inc GST
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The Bad Guys are about to have a VERY BAD DAY! Mr Wolf and his bad, bad buddies have messed with the wrong guinea pig. And this nasty little furball wants revenge! Will they survive? Will they be heroes? And will they just stop trying to eat each other? It's time to put on your baddest pair of chuckle-pants and find out!

Furball Strikes Back (The Bad Guys #3)
$13.00 (AUD) inc GST
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Russia, late 19th century. The Empire is in great peril, and only one man can save it: the bold and resourceful young messenger Mikhail Strogoff. In a desperate race against time, he must face great dangers if he is to... read more

Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff
$55.00 (AUD) inc GST
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India Wimple can spell. Brilliantly. Every Friday night, she and her family huddle in front of the TV in their small house and watch the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee. When her family suggest she sho... read more

The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee
$15.00 (AUD) inc GST
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After the huge success of Rumble with the Romans!, celebrated author and illustrator Gary Northfield creates another brilliantly fast-paced, funny and utterly bonkers adventure for Julius Zebra and his hapless ... read more

Bundle with the Britons! (Julius Zebra #2 HB)
$18.00 (AUD) inc GST
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There are two ways of looking at Aissa's story. She's the miracle girl who escaped the raiders. Or she's the cursed child who called the Bull King's ship to the island...The firstborn daughter of a priestess is cast out as a bab... read more

The Dragonfly Song
$17.00 (AUD) inc GST
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A first introduction to the natural world that looks at the myriad ways in which plants and animals have adapted to give themselves the best chance of survival. Natural World explores and explains why living things look and behave the way they do in a series of visually compelling information charts.

The Curiositree : A Visual Compendium of Wonders from Nature
$35.00 (AUD) inc GST
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Jimmy Cook has discovered that he has quite a lot in common with the explorer Captain James Cook. No doubt they were related. So when he finds out that Captain Cook met with a sticky end in Hawaii, he's determ... read more

Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade
$13.00 (AUD) inc GST
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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER..Wes and Corey are convinced nothing cool can come of their lame summer at jazz camp, when along comes Ash - all blonde hair and brash words - and cracks their world wide open. Finally, something they can'... read more

The Haters
$20.00 (AUD) inc GST
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Mango and Bambang's adventures continue in the second book of this charming illustrated series about a little girl and a tapir, written by Polly Faber and illustrated by Clara Vulliamy. Mango Allsorts is a girl good ... read more

Tapir All at Sea (Mango & Bambang #2 HB)
$18.00 (AUD) inc GST
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