Keeping cattle as a smallholder can be a rewarding enterprise, supplying you with food and milk and helping with the management of grassland on your property. This delightfully illustrated and informative book is ideal for anyone interested in keeping a cow or two, who would like to choose the best breed for their circumstanc... read more

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The Bedside Book of Beasts blends the best writing about lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, hyenas, bears, wolves and other alpha predators and their prey with a wealth of extraordinary illustration. Among the writers included are: as Simon Armitage, Margaret Atwood, Walter Benjamin, Italo Calvino, Angela Carter, Bru... read more

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From John Bradshaw, one of the world's leading experts on animal behaviour, and the author of the Sunday Times Bestseller, In Defence of Dogs, Cat Sense is a scientific portrait of the true, surprising nature of cats. Worshipped as gods, feared as demonic servants, seen as both wild opportunists and beloved companions, cats o... read more

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Author:Bruce Fogle
Series:Eyewitness Companions

Showing you what others only tell you, this title covers the history of dogs from their wild origins to their role as house pets and working dogs. It features specially commissioned photography and information on identifying breeds, from toy poodles to Irish wolfhounds, plus expert guidance on behavior, training, health, and ... read more

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The Illustrated Guide to Chickens covers the 100 most familiar breeds of chickens in Europe and North America. The breed profiles are written in engaging text that covers the history of each breed, its main characteristics, and information about looking after them. Each breed has been illustrated with delightful paintings... read more

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These images of nests offer a whole new window onto the life, beauty, and astonishing abilities of the most perennially popular of animals-birds.

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The Illustrated Guide to Pigs covers the 35 most familiar breeds of pigs in Europe and North America. The breed profiles are written in engaging text that covers the history of each breed, its main characteristics and information about how to look after them. Each breed has been illustrated with delightful paintings by the au... read more

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Roger Swainston's breathtaking artwork provides a fascinating overview of the extraordinary diversity of Australia's marine and freshwater fishes. Here, more than 1500 remarkable illustrations portray every family of fishes ever recorded from Australian waters. The names of all known species are listed alongside detailed info... read more

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More than ninety years on, A.H. Chisholm's classic Mateship with Birds is still as fresh and inspirational as an early-morning walk in the bush, the air resounding with birdsong. His account of the secret lives of birds — their seasonal doings and their complex relationships — reflects his patient and detailed observations, a... read more

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This guide is a fabulous resource for bird lovers, watchers, and professional twitchers interested in Australian birds. It covers every major Australian bird group and includes a distribution map showing where each bird can be found. Details on size, weight, nesting habits, bird calls, clutch sizes and migration patterns are ... read more

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Photographer Paul Nathan has documented New York's best-dressed dogs, their owners, and the couturiers who design their made-to-order outfits. While socialising with the four-legged, Nathan attended 'pawties', 'puptials,' and 'barkmitzvahs'. He photographed married dogs who get around in yellow cabs wearing matching outfits a... read more

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This work contains over 1000 pedigree dog portraits, each accompanied by key facts about the breed, including its place of origin, physical features, temperament, grooming requirements and breed colours. It is a compact guide for every would-be purchaser of a pedigree dog.

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Author:DAVIS Caroline
Series:Hamlyn All Colour 200 S.

There's nothing more fun than owning a puppy, but that cute bundle of energy can be a real handful at times. Puppy Taming solves the problem by showing you simple ways to raise a happy and obedient dog. Learn easy, quick and effective ways to train your dog and follow step-by-step instructions that take you through everything... read more

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For many years, the best-selling Wine Dogs series of books have paid homage to the dogs of the wine industry. Now the time has come to celebrate the feline megastars of the vineyards and wineries, with the brand new Wine Cats Book!

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A gloriously indulgent treat for chicken-lovers, Beautiful Chickens revels in the fine detailing of fancy fowl from all over the world. Each model is shown in its most characteristic stance and at the height of its good looks, from the lithe and muscular Modern Game to the extravagantly feathered Silkie. Beautiful Chickens fe... read more

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Having trouble separating your scops from your screech owls, Tengmalm's from Tawny Owl or Collared and Spotted Owlets? Then this is the book for you. Owls of the World is the ultimate photographic resource dedicated to the identification of these charismatic, largely nocturnal birds of prey. This book contains lavish and ... read more

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Featuring new photography from Chicagos renowned Field Museum, The Book of Eggs explores 600 examples at actual size, alongside pattern details, clutch images, breeding range maps, and engravings of all the birds. A table of field-guide information identifies order, family, breeding range, nesting habitat, nest characteristic... read more

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A few years ago Carli Davidson was just another young photographer. To make money she worked as a zookeeper; and because she is a fervent animal activist, she volunteered at animal rescues. In 2010 she purchased a high-speed shutter camera and had the idea of combining her two passions. She began photographing the rescue dogs... read more

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The international bestseller that reveals the amazing mind of your favourite friend Is your dog purposefully disobeying you? Probably, and usually behind your back. Should you act like 'top dog' to maintain control? No, you're better off displaying your friendliness - and not just to your dog. Which breed is the cleverest?... read more

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What would dogs ask for, if they knew how? In the "Sunday Times" bestseller "In Defence of Dogs" John Bradshaw, an anthropologist at Bristol University who has been at the centre of the latest research into what makes dogs tick, gives us the answers. Overturning the most common myths about dogs' emotions and behaviour, this b... read more

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