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Chef Michael Moore was busy running his restaurant, cooking on television, climbing the ranks of top chefs in the world and travelling the globe. Michael was ... read more

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The skin you have today will be totally renewed within two months. In fact, the body you have today, all your cells and tissues, will be totally new within a year. This is because your bo... read more

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To be vulnerable is to live. In Tales from the Cancer Ward renowned filmmaker Paul Cox celebrates the beauty and fragility of life. The unexpected message of illness that he is delivered leaves him feeling utterly alone and... read more

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"If someone doesn't comment within two weeks on how great you're looking - then you're cheating." - Dr Joshi. Dr Joshi's craving-free detox attracts stars and supermodels from all over the wor... read more

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The Golden Door health retreat has made its name by producing delicious food without compromising principles of healthy eating. All dishes are low in fat and sodium and most are gluten and lactose free. This book contains a host of Golden Door signature recipes.

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THE CHEMICAL MAZE book was written to make it simpler and easier for consumers to recognise food additives and cosmetic ingredients having the poten... read more

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Firmly grounded in the day-to-day reality of being a mother, this revolutionary guide discusses Buddhist teachings as applied to the everyday challenges of bringing up children
... read more

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Modern women don't just eat food, they eat words, emotions and circumstances too. What's Eating You? delves into the psychology of eating and explores the constant battle women have with their bodies. With a mix of qualified resear... read more

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Do you have a back problem? This book will help you put it right. In an easy-to-read question and answer format, Back in Action sets out all the commonly asked questions about back problems and how to treat them. Sarah Key explains th... read more

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Since THE HEALTHY SKIN DIET was first released, this bestselling book has been a media sensation, appearing in publications such as Woman's Day, Madison, Body + Soul, Dolly, NW, Noteb... read more

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At her Pilates on the in London, Margot Campbell has designed a unique programme to help her clients to achieve their body shape and weight-loss goals. Combining the transformative techniques of Pilates, with aerobic ex... read more

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Stopping smoking doesn't need to be a difficult and stressful battle. There is a way to stop smoking cigarettes that is simple, stress-free and permanent. Combining the latest research with s... read more

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"The Antianxiety Food Solution" presents effective natural treatments and dietary changes that can significantly reduce anxiety, the most commo... read more

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Part Medical Thriller, Part Governmental Expose and Part Nutrition Manual. Dr. Campbell issues a stark warning against th... read more

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"Diets and exercise won't help us lose weight. Vitamins and minerals are a waste of money and sometimes downright dangerous. Sugar makes us fat and sick. And polyunsaturated fat gives us cancer and works with sugar to give us heart dis... read more

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How many of us have constant niggles, maybe a chronic complaint, can't lose weight, feel persistently tired and often stressed? Tick any of these boxes and there is something in Five Stages of Health for you. Over the past 2... read more

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This updated edition of the international bestseller addresses current developments in cancer research and offers more tips on how people living with cancer can fight it and how healthy people can prevent it.

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Author: Ruth Field


Awards:Shortlisted for RTE Radio 1's The John Murray Show Listeners' Choice Award 2012.

Is there a large arse-shaped dent in your sofa? Unwatched workout DVDs gathering dust on your shelves? An eye-wateringly expensive (and rarely used) gym membership burning a hole in your bank account? Does the sight of your wobbly ... read more

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The bestselling weight-loss programme made easy. The Dukan Diet is a unique 4-step programme, combining two steps to lose your unwanted weight and two steps to keep it off for good. Th... read more

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A monumental work by one of the world's leading medical researchers that radically redefines our understanding of life and health.

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