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Author:Melina Marchetta
Series:Australian Children's Classics

"I'm beginning to realise that things don't turn out the way you want them to. And sometimes when they don't, they can turn out just a little bit better." Every so often, there comes a story so brilliant and lively and moving that it cannot be left in the past. Rediscover the magic of our country's most memorable children's b... read more

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Celebrate 75 Years of Madeline! Here, collected in one handsome volume, are all the adventures of Madeline, a fearless little girl full of mischief and vitality who is one of the world's most popular and beloved fictional characters. "Madeline," which was first published in 1939, and its five sequels have charmed generations... read more

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The astonishing tale of how the old woodcarver Geppetto made a disobedient puppet boy from an unusual piece of wood, who could talk, dance and turn somersaults, has been a much-loved story since it was first written more than 130 years ago. In this handsome new edition, award-winning illustrator Robert Ingpen has captured the... read more

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Author:Astrid Lindgren
Series:Pippi Longstocking

This beautiful edition of the children's classic Pippi Longstocking is illustrated throughout with wonderful collage pictures from the award-winning Lauren Child. The contemporary design, imaginative layout of the text, and stunning illustrations from Lauren Child all add up to a perfect gift purchase. When the book published... read more

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A beautiful new edition of a classic ballet story collection.
Travel to the magical Land of Sweets across the Lemonade Ocean in The Nutcracker; be dazzled by the magical Firebird with her flame-bright feathers; and dance until the clock chimes midnight with Cinderella and her handsome prince.

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When Mollie and Peter go to buy their mother a birthday present, they discover the most extraordinary thing: a chair that is able to fly and grant wishes!  Join the two children as the Wishing-Chair takes them on lots of marvellous adventures.

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Author:Emma Chichester Clark
Series:Best-Loved Classics

The sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Step through the Looking-glass into a topsy-turvy, magical world in this gloriously illustrated picture book re-telling of Lewis Carroll's enduring classic, from the highly-regarded, prize-winning illustrator of Blue Kangaroo and Melrose and Croc. A LUXURIOUS GIFT BOOK THAT NO CHILD'S LIBRAR... read more

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I heard the wind above me in the sails. I remember thinking, this is silly, you haven't got your safety harness on, you haven't got your lifejacket on. You shouldn't be doing this...I was in the cold of the sea before I could even open my mouth to scream. Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on ... read more

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Author:Beatrix Potter
Series:Beatrix Potter Classic

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" is the original classic by Beatrix Potter. "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" was first published by Frederick Warne in 1902 and endures as Beatrix Potter's most popular and well-loved tale. It tells the story of a very mischievous rabbit and the trouble he encounters in Mr McGregor's vegetable garden! Re-o... read more

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Author:Ruth Park
Series:Australian Children's Classics

'Now then,' thought Abigail, 'something very weird has happened to me. I'm in the last century. I don't know why, and that doesn't matter. I've got to get back.' Every so often, there comes a story so brilliant and lively and moving that it cannot be left in the past. Rediscover the magic of our country's most memorable child... read more

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Author:A. A. Milne

A. A. Milne's first stories about Winnie-the-Pooh, the most famous bear in the world, were published eighty years ago. This beautiful anniversary edition of "Winnie-the-Pooh" celebrates the enduring popularity of Pooh and his Forest friends. Discover what happens when Pooh goes visiting and Piglet meets a Heffalump, not forge... read more

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"Once upon a time, O my Best Beloved" - So begins this classic collection of gloriously fanciful tales of how things in the world came to be as they are. Here is the story of how the lazy camel found himself with a hump and how the insatiable curiosity of the elephant earned him his long trunk. Of how the whale was given a th... read more

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E. B. White's Charlotte's Web in full colour makes a perfect gift. "No child should be without a copy". (Daily Mail). The classic, much-loved story by E. B. White, beautifully illustrated by Garth Williams, is reissued in large format paperback in full colour. This is an ideal book to read aloud and share with all the family.... read more

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Celebrating the 21st birthday of this highly-respected introduction to the best-loved Greek stories, this new edition is generouslyl reformatted and has a beautiful new cover. Geraldine McCaughrean's elegant retellings continue to keep children captivated. Combined wiht Emma Chichester Clark's glorious illustrations, this col... read more

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Every great story has a great beginning - and this is where Harry Potter's extraordinary, magical adventure starts. From the moment Harry Potter is deposited on the doorstep of number four, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, with a swish of Albus Dumbledore's cloak and the words 'Good luck, Harry', J.K. Rowling's irresistible st... read more

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Author:Mary O'Hara
Series:Heritage Classics

You'll train her and she'll train you. I want you to make a good pony out of her. I want her to make a man out of you.' When Ken is given a horse of his own, he thinks his dreams have come true. But Flicka is a proud and spirited foal - and everyone says she's no good. Can Ken tame his wild horse and earn her friendship?

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This enchanting collection of fairy tales from around the world includes some well-known - and some lesser known - magical tales. From England comes the tale of Jack the Giant-Killer, from France Sleeping Beauty. From Italy we have Cesarino and the Dragon, The Adventures of Little Peachling from Japan and The Golden Apple-Tre... read more

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Matilda - Roald Dahl's best-loved story - is an unbelievable 25 years old yet it's as fresh, funny and poignant as when it was first published in 1988. The story of a child genius, it has been adapted into film and, most recently, a hugely successful, award-winning musical with music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. To celebrate he... read more

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As far as the Fairy Queen was concerned, the Fairy-who-wouldn't-fly was lazy and so she banished her to the Woodn't, the place where she had sent all the other creatures who wouldn't do as they should. There, the Fairy-who-wouldn't-fly met many friends-the Kookaburra-who-wouldn't laugh, the Bee-who-wouldn't-live-in-a-hive, th... read more

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Author:Ludwig Bemelmans
Series:Viking Kestrel picture books

"Even the Queen's guard is involved when Madeline and Pepito, the Bad Hat, take a wild ride around the city....Glowing pictures and a lively story." "Grade Teacher"

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