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Advanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen's blog-based-ode to the confidence, beauty and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived... read more

Advanced Style
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Simon P. Lock knew from a young age that Australia had more to offer than the world gave it credit for. 'Throw another shrimp on the barbie' ads to promote the country and scandals about uno... read more

In the Front Row - How Australian Fashion Was Launched on the World
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The coastal gardens of Australia are as varied as the geography of this vast continent itself. Join Myles Baldwin as he travels around the country, from the gentle landscape of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and the shee... read more

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Australian Coastal Gardens
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A showcase 13 private gardens, extraordinary examples of landscape design that are inaccessible to the public, and which have never, --or very rarely,-- been published.

Secret Gardens
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In Bunny Williams on Garden Style, Williams visits impeccably designed gardens around the world, shedding light on the key components that make a garden so appealing and idyllic.

Bunny Williams on Garden Style
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The book that helped make Michael Pollan, the"New York Times"bestselling author of"Cooked"and"The Omnivore s Dilemma, "one of the most trusted food experts in America Every schoolchild learns about the mutually beneficial dance ... read more

Botany of Desire, the
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Newport, Rhode Island - celebrated for its stunning seascapes, famous mansions, Jazz Festival, annual Flower Show and worldclass sailing - provides an enviable setting for a storied way of life. From Presidents to p... read more

Living Newport: Houses, People, Style
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The first monograph on the work of renowned twentieth-century British decorator and antiques dealer Geoffrey Bennison. Geoffrey Bennison (1921-1984) ranks among England's most influential designers, defying convent... read more

Geoffrey Bennison: Master Decorator
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Carlos Mota is the mastermind behind the amazing photographs seen in all the top design magazines, including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Interior Design, to name a few. His gifted and educated eye for selecting... read more

A Touch of Style by Carlos Mota
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In the first volume of Makers of Modern Architecture (2007), Martin Filler examined the emergence of that revolutionary new form of building and explored its aesthetic, social, and sp... read more

Makers of Modern Architecture: From Le Corbusier to Rem Koolhaas: Volume II
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A newly revised and expanded edition of this penetrating and comprehensive study of Le Corbusier, the enormously influential 20th-century architect.

Le Corbusier - Ideas & Forms
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Japanese houses have to contend with very particular constraints, from tiny plots in crowded urban contexts to ever-present seismic threats. These challenges encourage their architects to explore ideas of stability and ... read more

The Japanese House Reinvented
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How do you harness creativity and bring it into your every day life? Crafter and blogger, Pip Lincolne shares her lifetime of wisdom on: x PRIORITISING YOUR OWN CREATIVITY x DOING NEW THINGS x FI... read more

Craft for the Soul - How to Make the Most of Your Creative Life
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A gorgeous tribute to the legendary shoe and accessories designs of Roger Vivier. Master designer Roger Vivier elevated both the form and decoration of ladies' shoes during his sixty-year career. His innate Parisian style embodied a s... read more

Roger Vivier
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A collection of the lavish and iconic gowns of Christian Dior, from the 1950s and '60s, captured by the legendary photographer Mark Shaw. Iconic photographer Mark Shaw documented the ultra-exclusive Parisian fashion world, fo... read more

Dior Glamour 1952-1962
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This volume is an unprecedented history of Louis Vuitton's women's bags, the most coveted line of accessories in women's fashion. At the heart o... read more

Louis Vuitton - City Bags
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Author: Harold Koda


Series:Metropolitan Museum of Art

Charles James, often considered to be America's first couturier, was renowned in the 1940s and 1950s as a master at sculpting fabric for the female form and creating fashions that defined mid-century glamour. Although J... read more

Charles James - Beyond Fashion
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An important monograph on the complete work thus far of Alber Elbaz for Lanvin-one of fashion's most transformative designers working today, who employs mise-en-scenes as a principal way of staging his work. Under the helm of pres... read more

Lanvin - I Love You
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In Gods and Kings Dana Thomas, author of Deluxe, tells the story of how John Galliano and Alexander McQueen changed the face of fashion. In the first decade of the twenty-first century,... read more

Gods and Kings - The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano
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After nearly a lifetime spent in fashion, author and fashion insider Simon Doonan is ready to let you in on a little secret: his peers in this multibillion-dollar industry are just as nutty as the deniz... read more

Asylum - True Tales of Madness from a Life in Fashion
$19.99 (AUD) inc GST
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