Meet Australia's most corrupt politician whose brazen misdeeds were said to be on a scale "unexceeded since the days of the Rum Corps".From the shadows Obeid ran the state as his fiefdom, making and unmaking premiers. Along the w... read more

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Who is Clive Palmer, and what does his ascent say about Australia's creaking political system? In Clivosaurus, Guy Rundle observes Palmer close up, examining his rise to prominence, his beliefs, h... read more

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Featuring a new introduction in response to Julia Gillard's memoir, this revised edition brings Paul Kelly's masterpiece on the Rudd-Gillard years up to the present. Drawing on more than sixty on-the-record interviews with all th... read more

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'Dunlop is engaging in her personal approach. Her obvious feminine empathy with the venerable ladies she spoke to gives her book an immediacy and intimacy.' Daily Mail 'An in-depth picture of life in Britain's wartime intelligence ... read more

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Power-plays, public spats, strategic blunders, betrayal and revenge: the fall of Qantas has more intrigue and drama than any in-flight movie. How did a national icon become a national liability? Founded in 19... read more

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The Edge of the World by Michael Pye is an epic adventure: from the Vikings to the Enlightenment, from barbaric outpost to global centre, it tells the amazing story of northern Europe's transformation... read more

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Margot Asquith was perhaps the most daring and unconventional Prime Minister's wife in British history. Known for her wit, style and habit of speaking her mind, she transformed 10 Downing Street into a ... read more

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The vast continent of Australia was settled in two main streams, far apart in time and origin. The first came ashore some 50,000 years ago when the islands of Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea were one. The second ... read more

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We know the thrilling, terrible stories of the battles of the Napoleonic wars - but what of those left behind? The people on a Norfolk farm, in a Yorkshire mill, a Welsh iron foundry, an Ir... read more

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A powerful, bold true story about the potential for mercy to redeem us, and a clarion call to fix America's broken system of justice - from one of the most brilliant and influential lawyers of our time. The U... read more

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'Six Capitals' is the story of a 21st-century revolution led by the most unlikely of rebels: accountants...It is only the third revolution in accounting since double-entry bookkeeping emerged in medieval Italy - and it's proceeding ap... read more

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Acclaimed historian Helen Castor brings us afresh a gripping life of Joan of Arc. Instead of the icon, she gives us a living, breathing young woman; a roaring girl fighting the English, and taking sides in a bloody civil war that was te... read more

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'This year an Anzac orgy begins. A commemorative program that would make the pharaohs envious. But commemorating soldiers is not the same as connecting with them ...' - James Brown, Anzac's Long Shadow... read more

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What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the concentration of wealth, and the prospects for economic growth lie at ... read more

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Established in 1898 in the heart of Paris on the Place Vendome, the Hotel Ritz instantly became an icon of the city frequented by film stars and celebrity writers, American heiresses an... read more

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This is the story of how a struggling convict settlement grew into six dynamic colonies and then the remarkable nation of Australia. Told through the key figures who helped build it into the thriving nation it is today, David... read more

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'So tightly packed were the crowds lining Sydney's streets on 1 January 1901 that they resembled a dense well-tended hedge. Early morning showers had followed a thunderstorm the previous evening and many carrie... read more

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From the author of the bestselling memoir Reading Lolita in Tehran comes a powerful and passionate case for the vital role of fiction today. Ten years ago, Azar Nafisi electrified readers with her million-copy bestseller, Re... read more

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Most Australians live in cities and cling to the coastal fringe, yet our sense of what an Australian is - or should be - is drawn from the vast and varied inland called the bush. But what do we mean by 'the bush', and how has it shaped us... read more

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One woman. Two husbands. Four trials. One bloody execution. The last woman hanged in NSW. In January 1889, Louisa Collins, a 41-year-old mother of ten children, became the first woman hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol and the last woman... read more

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