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It was an exercise to learn how to see, to understand just one thing in its greatest detail. Stephen Taylor came across the 250-year-old tree while on a walk in Essex, England, six years ago, shortly after the deaths of his mother and close friend a tragic time that brought him back to painting and then to an obsession with r... read more

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The dazzling ceramics of Clarice Cliff and of the Wilkinson family in the north of England have become one of the great collectables from the 20th century. Ever since the exuberant colours and bold shapes of Clarice Cliff's classic Art Deco pieces first caught the imagination of collectors, auction prices have moved inexorabl... read more

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This comprehensive survey is published to coincide with an exhibition of the art of the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi (18641916). Hammershois subject-matter centred on haunting interiors. Dispensing with anecdotal detail, he transformed his apartment into a series of disturbingly empty spaces. The same strange stillness c... read more

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Read Keri Smith's posts on the Penguin Blog A curious, engaging, and creative rethinking of what a book can be, from the creator of "Wreck this Journal." In this uniquely skewed look at the purpose and function of "a book," Keri Smith offers an illustrated guide that asks readers to creatively examine all the different ways T... read more

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This lavish book is the first ever art historical study to survey this specific and crucial period in the history of La Serenissima the Baroque. The 17th century saw Venice's last big drive to respond on a cultural and artistic level to the Republics inexorable decline on the great stage of European politics. The city's fabri... read more

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On Beauty is neither a history of art, nor a history of aesthetics, but Umberto Eco draws on both these disciplines to define the ideas of beauty that have informed us from the classical world to modern times. In terms of form and style, On Beauty has been conceived for a vast and diverse readership. Packed with examples from... read more

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Today the beautiful portrayals of the Australian landscape by artist Eugene von Guerard have become critically relevant to understanding our fragile environment. This illustrated art reference book draws on new research and previously unpublished works to follow the artist's early life through the great centres of Rome, Naple... read more

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Award-winning artist and illustrator Sara Fanelli is one of the world's foremost illustrators, renowned for her experimental techniques that have spawned many imitators. Her unique contribution to book illustration is evident in such memorable books as "Dear Diary" ('one of the most extraordinary picture books ever devised' -... read more

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The Ken Hinds Cultural Collection is one of Australia's largest and most individual collections. With more than 30,000 holdings the Collection includes childre's toys, international artefacts and some 5000 Australian works of art.Hinds developed an interest in Australian Aboriginal art in the 1990s. Across Country feature... read more

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Hundreds of painted and photographic images exist of Queen Elizabeth II. Throughout her reign, she has inspired photographers and painters not only to embrace tradition but also to extend the genre of royal portraiture. To coincide with her Diamond Jubilee, this book presents portraits and images that collectively chart the c... read more

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Since the 1999 retrospective organised by the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Jeffrey Smart has consolidated his position as one of the most outstanding Australian painters of the 20th century. Now at the age of 90 it is possible to assess his achievement in this comprehensive monograph by Barry Pearce, which covers the artis... read more

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The theory of perspective, which allowed Florentine artists to depict the world from a spectator's point of view, originated in Baghdad with an eleventh-century mathematician. Using the metaphor of the mutual gaze, Belting narrates the encounter between science and art, Arab Baghdad and Renaissance Florence, that revolutioniz... read more

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Ngaanyatjarra: Art of the Lands is a glorious illustrated book documenting the six art centres (Warakurna, Papulankutja, Tjarlirli, Kayili, Maruku and Tjanpi) that make up the Western Desert Mob group. This book combines the aesthetics of an art catalogue with the rigour of an academic art history, and contains both essays an... read more

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From the publishers of the bestseller 'First Australians' comes the lavishly illustrated 'art + soul', the companion book to the prime-time ABC TV series by the same name. 'art+soul' is inspired by the flourishing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Australia over the past thirty years, captivating viewers around ... read more

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Scotland-based Dr Janet McKenzie, long-term deputy editor of the renowned art journal "Studio International", first published on Australian drawing with Macmillan back in 1986. Twenty-one years later she met Dr Irene Barberis, an Australian artist who was in the UK representing Metasenta, an international arts research organi... read more

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The first publication dedicated exclusively to Mark Rothko's art during the critical formative period of the 1940s. Examining the development and artistic exploration of one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, this unprecedented volume presents the works of American artist Mark Rothko from the 1940s, a time when... read more

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Up until a few years ago, biographies of both J.M.W. Turner and John Ruskin had claimed that, in 1858, Ruskin burned bundles of erotic paintings and drawings by Turner in a fit of embarrassed Victorian censorship, to protect Turner's posthumous reputation. Ruskin's friend Ralph Nicholson Wornum, who was Keeper of the National... read more

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The Art Deco style is so recognisable and widespread that its original influence on the culture in which it emerged has been all but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws our attention back to the birth of Art Deco - a period between two devastating world wars when industrialization was flourishing, interest in ar... read more

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Hand-lettering techniques are a popular and visually dynamic way to add textual elements to crafts, from journals to mixed-media art. Sixteen accomplished contributors - including calligraphers, painters, collagists, card makers, fiber artists and graphic designers - give their personal perspectives on lettering. They all off... read more

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Bruce Nauman (b. 1941) is one of the most innovative, provocative and influential artists working today. His pioneering explorations of sculpture, performance, sound, video and installations - always questioning the role of the artist - have broken new ground and inspired innumerable artists' careers. Confronted with wha... read more

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