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As the first major documentation of John Beard's work, this definitive monograph provides a visual chronology of Beard's work from 1978-2011. Featuring a highly original design presentation and exacting production standards, this beautifully created book contains essays by Stephen Bann and Anthony Bond, two of the art world's... read more

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Like Sherlock Holmes' dog in the night time, sometimes the true significance of things lies in their absence. Rick Gekoski tells the very human stories that lie behind some of the greatest losses to artistic culture - and addresses the questions such disappearances raise. Some of the items are stolen (the Mona Lisa), some des... read more

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David McDiarmid (1952–1995) was an artist, designer, DJ and activist who made an indelible impact on the intersecting histories of art, craft, fashion, graphic design, gay liberation and AIDS awareness in Australia and New York. Working alongside friends and contemporaries including Jenny Kee, Linda Jackson and Peter Tu... read more

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In this remarkable book, a record of a decade of private conversations with art critic Martin Gayford, David Hockney reveals via reflection, anecdote, passion and humour the fruits of his lifelong meditations on the problems and paradoxes of representing a three-dimensional world on a flat surface. These conversations are pun... read more

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For ten years Geordie Greig was among a very small group of friends who regularly met Lucian Freud for breakfast at Clarke's restaurant on Kensington Church Street. Over tea and the morning papers, Freud would recount stories of his past and discuss art. It was, in effect, Freud's private salon. In this kaleidoscopic memoir, ... read more

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Dogs in Australian Art looks at Australian art through the lens of dog painting, showcasing over 150 masterworks that illustrate the deep bond between Australians and their best friends. Steven Miller's whimsical text argues that all the major shifts which occurred in Australian art, and which have traditionally been attribut... read more

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Drawing has always been a fundamental skill and good drawing skills allowed artists to grasp the reality around them. At the turn of the millennium, however, the general impression was that with the wide availability of computers, scanners, digital cameras and image software, drawing would dwindle into a marginal activity. In... read more

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Thought-provoking and richly visual, Nature Morte brings together, for the first time, the poignant, provocative re-imaginings of the traditional still life by over 180 international contemporary artists. This visually stunning and timely book reveals how leading artists of the 21st century are reinvigorating the still life, ... read more

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Spontaneous, in-your-face and unauthorised, the work of street artists and graffiti writers demands our attention. Wildly creative and often subversive, street art shows that just because a work isn't in a gallery doesn't mean it's not art. From Sao Paolo to Sydney, New York to Tokyo, these artists exhibit their work in the w... read more

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The first major text devoted to Del Kathryn Barton's work offers a portrait of a rich and multi-dimensional life informed by a deeply ingrained sense of an abundant natural realm. Barton's work is celebrated for its frank sexual assertiveness and for her imagined landscapes inhabited by myriad humans and their animal familiars.

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People all around the world know the name of Vincent van Gogh. He has become an artist of mythical proportions. Millions of people are touched by his paintings and they have at least a notion of his tragic life. The short life and great work of van Gogh confront us with the real meaning of success. This package contains two c... read more

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The first monograph on this internationally famous potter and writer, this book brings to life the man behind The Hare with Amber Eyes. Stunning photography reveals a day in the life of de Waal and his studio and documents his major exhibitions and installations. Contributors include novelists Colm Toibin, Peter Carey and AS Byatt.

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Those who know Kurt Vonnegut as one of America's most beloved and influential writers will be surprised and delighted to discover that he was also a gifted graphic artist. This book brings together the finest examples of his funny, strange, and moving drawings in an inexpensive, beautifully produced gift volume for every Vonn... read more

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A collection of over one hundred and eighty fine art nude photographic portraits of men captured in the classical tradition of mythologised heroism and the sometimes grandiose and dramatic poses that entailed, shot in an array of contemporary, post-modernist, neo-classic and painterly environments, in both colour and warm ton... read more

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Vanity Fair 100 Years showcases a century of personality and power, art and commerce, crisis and culture--both highbrow and low. In the sumptuous 384-page coffee table book, the editors of Vanity Fair have created the definitive history of the most talked-about magazine of our day. From its inception in 1913, through the Jaz... read more

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Featuring some of the world's most famous and infamous characters spanning, music, art, film, politics and sport.

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American photographer Richard Avedon (1923–2004) received widespread acclaim for his images in which he captured stars with their “masks dropped” and their true colors revealed. He was also notorious for the pitiless way in which he created these moments. For example, he told two great animal lovers, the Duk... read more

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Famed photojournalist and founder of Magnum Photos, Robert Capa was primarily known for his black-and-white images. But after World War II he turned increasingly to colour, fulfilling assignments for a variety of popular magazines such as Life and Holiday. This volume reproduces Capa's colour images in a wide variety of forms... read more

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In Animal Architecture, Ingo Arndt explores marvels of nature with spectacular imagery, showcasing the complex and elegant structures that animals create both for shelter and for capturing prey. Arndt's photographs display wonders such as the colourful mating arenas of bowerbirds in West Papua and the fantastic nests created ... read more

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